What Does Medicare Extra Help Pay For?

Medicare is primarily intended for those that are 65 and older and is organized in a very specific way. The various parts of Medicare exist so that beneficiaries know clearly what their policy consists of. Understanding the different Medicare options is an important part of looking through your different options and making sure that you’re choosing the right plan for your specific medical needs.

Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage are the two different types of Medicare policies. Choosing between them is one of the biggest decisions that Medicare beneficiaries will need to make. The policy choice that you make will determine your coverage and the access to the healthcare you have. It’s incredibly important to take your policy selection seriously, as your Medicare policy could save you thousands of dollars each year.

Original Medicare consists of Parts A and B. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for standardized coverage. However, if you want more coverage within your policy, then you might want to consider if Medicare Advantage could be the right choice for you.

Part D provides coverage for prescription drugs. It’s only available for those enrolled in Original Medicare and does provide coverage in a tiered system. Selecting Part D coverage is a choice that could potentially save you large amounts of money, so it’s an important coverage choice to make.

If you’re feeling confused about which policy choice is the right option for you, it can be helpful to speak with an insurance agent. They’ll be able to provide you with some more information and guide you towards the right choice for your health needs.

While Medicare is one of the best ways to save on medical bills, it does come with some costs of its own. There are certain costs that beneficiaries will need to pay out-of-pocket. If you’re feeling financially overwhelmed at the thought of this, know that there are some options that exist to help beneficiaries pay for out-of-pocket costs.

Extra Help

One of the biggest medical costs is prescription drugs. If you’re someone who regularly visits the pharmacy, you understand that prescription drugs can be pretty costly without the proper insurance coverage. Paying for these costs is unrealistic for some, Medicare has created an option to help some pay.

Extra Help is a way that some can get their Part D costs reduced. For those that qualify, Part D costs are made more financially realistic. If you’re feeling unsure about paying for your Part D out-of-pocket costs, know that Extra Help could be an excellent way to save as much money as possible while still having access to the prescription drugs you need.

Some people are automatically notified that they qualify for Extra Help. If you’re wondering whether or not you qualify, consider reaching out to an insurance agent. They’ll be able to help you get the answers that you need to decide if Extra Help could be a possibility for you.

If you’re receiving Medicaid, then it’s very possible that you could qualify for Extra Help. If you can enroll in both Medicare and Medicaid, then that’s often an option that will save you the most money. Dual enrollment is an excellent possibility if you qualify, so consider if that could be the right choice for you.

Extra Help is an incredible option that makes sure many people have access to the prescription drugs that they need. Utilizing this option is one of the best ways eligible individuals can get the medications that they need.

Paying for Medicare

There are many different ways to pay for Medicare, and finding those solutions can be extremely important. If you’re feeling unsure about paying for the out-of-pocket costs that come with Medicare, then know that there are different options available. Medigap is one of the best ways to pay for some of the costs that come with Original Medicare.


Medigap is supplemental insurance, and it’s sold through private insurance agencies. It works to reduce the amount that beneficiaries owe of some of the Original Medicare out-of-pocket costs. Purchasing a Medigap option is an excellent way to reduce your bills and make sure that you owe as little as possible.

There are ten different Medigap policies available. They are standardized, so each policy will be the same regardless of the insurance company that you purchase them from. Considering if Medigap could be the right option for you is an excellent way to possibly save some money while still having access to the same level of medical care that your policy provides.

Getting access to medical care

Medical care is an important part of life, and finding ways to afford it can be stressful. If you’re wondering what options you have, know that there are many different ways to afford Medicare. Extra Help and Medigap are two ways to lower the amounts you pay with Original Medicare and Part D.

If you’re someone who regularly takes prescription medications, Part D is something that you should definitely consider. Even if you don’t currently take any medications, enrolling in Part D is an excellent way to plan for the future and make sure you have access to the coverage you need in multiple different future scenarios.

Considering your Medicare options

Researching Medicare coverage is one of the best ways to learn about the different options available. While it may seem overwhelming to look at all the different policies available, know that there are insurance agents whose job is to make the policy selection process easier on you.

We’re here to provide our clients with support and make sure that they have the answers that they need to make the right policy choice. If you’re interested in making an appointment with one of our agents, feel free to reach out, and we’ll find a time that works well. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to find ways to lower the costs of Medicare!