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There are two main options for Medicare: Medicare Advantage Plans 


Medicare Supplement Plans

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Six Tips To Help You Achieve Medicare Peace Of Mind

1. Work With A Broker


 Work with a broker who is licensed and contracted with as many insurance companies as possible. This allows for an unbiased position of counsel and advice. Agents usually work with one insurance carrier, where brokers work with several. 

2. Ask For Reviews From Others


Reviews and Ratings can give you insight as to the experience of others. Better Business Bureau accredited businesses are held to higher integrity and customer service standards.  

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3. Lowest Premium Doesn't Always Mean Best Value


 In Colorado, there are over 35 insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplement Plans (The Coverage/Benefits Are STANDARDIZED- A.K.A. The Same Between Insurance Carriers

– premium, customer service, rate stability are what separates them) - If Medicare Supplement Plans are the right choice for you– make sure you see pricing/financial ratings from multiple carriers. 

4. Do Not Dismiss Medicare Advantage If Available In Your County Of Residence


Don't work with anyone who only does Medicare Supplement Plans-  Medicare Advantage Plans may be available to you– these plans are county specific so be sure to work with a broker/agent who does all types of coverage options.  

5. Prescription Drug Plans potentially have one of the highest financial exposure points.


The Monthly Premium, Deductible, Drug-Tier, and Formulary vary from plan to plan- make sure to evaluate all options to avoid higher out of pocket costs. In 2018- 24 Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) available in Colorado. 

6. There are no perfect insurance companies, there are no perfect insurance plans.


 The plans can/will change each year, make sure your agent/broker conducts an annual review— Medicare A & B does not cover Dental, Vision, Hearing, LTC, & More. 

Medicare Peace Of Mind Core Principles

Everything Starts With A Commitment to YOU


Medicare Peace Of Mind was founded with 3 core principles:

  1. A promise to always do what is right for each client, treating them as a member of our family.
  2. A promise to be there to answer you questions, before, during and after the application is taken
  3. Exceed your expectations during every step of the process. 

Accomplishing this by offering counsel and advice, at no-cost, no-obligation. I provide answers to your questions and information to help you make an informed decision about your healthcare coverage options and ensure the prosperity and life you live. 

There are no perfect companies or plans, each have strengths and weaknesses. My mission is to help you match your situation: your doctors, your prescriptions, your travel habits, your budget, & more to the plan that fits your situation best.

You Are Uniquely You


I begin the process of guiding you with a focus on getting to know you and your family situation first. 

This enables us to work together to help you save money, receive family-style customer service, and each year will follow up with you for an annual review of your coverage to make sure your coverage changes with your needs over time. 

Plans change each year and I will be there with you to make sure we adapt to changes in coverages or your situation. 

Request Your Coverage Evaluation

See & Feel The Difference


Medicare Peace Of Mind want to welcome you to our "family" and look forward to showing you from the very first contact why we are different than the typical insurance agent who I like to call "ghosts"- they like to disappear after taking an application never to be heard from again- THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN WHEN YOU HAVE MEDICARE PEACE OF MIND. I strive to serve you with our goal of having a life-time relationship. Please ask your question(s) today!

Your Main Options For Medicare

Medicare Parts A and B

Current & New Medicare Part A and Part B Card

Medicare Part A provides coverage for In-Patient hospital/skilled nursing costs. Most people pay for their Part A premium throughout their life in taxes. Medicare Part B provides coverage for Out-Patient provider and procedure costs. The standard Part B premium for 2019 is $135.50 per month. (If you are a high-income earner, you may have to pay more for Part B and Part D)

Medicare Part C


These plans are county specific and may be available in your area. These type of plans combine benefits from Part A and Part B and most of the time, Part D into one private insurance carrier plan. These plans often also include additional benefits, such as basic vision or dental & more. 

Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plans)


In Colorado for 2019, there are 26 stand-alone Part D plans available. Premium, Benefits, Formulary Lists vary greatly from plan to plan and company to company.

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